MGS Agricare is working on mechanization of Agriculture. We have associated with country’s premier institution IISR –Lucknow through a MOA, and have developed Sugarcane Cultivation equipment, using their proven design & transforming it to a easy & economical commercial use.

Equipment developed is as below & details attached.

  • Two Row/Three Row cutter & planter – PTO Driven
  • Two Row/Three Row cutter & Planter – Ground wheel driven
  • Trench planter with drip lateral laying system as an accessory
  • 3in1 Cane Manager
  • Ratoon Manager
  • Power separated De-trasher – Under Development
  • Trencher for cane planting

We wish to extend support through the Mill to educate& inform the cane growers about such equipment which will not only reduce manpower utilization and reduce cost but also enhance productivity enabling them to earn up to 25% more from the same piece of land.

With the approaching sowing season in a few months from now we wish to extend the following support on prior appointments.

  • Free Distribution of information literature for the farmers.
  • Display of Implements through our display van for the farmers.
  • Audio Visual Training to the farmers about the benefits & use of mechanised implements.

With this we look forward to hear from you as when and how can we take these efforts ahead.